What An Amazing Tour It Was!

Wow! What can I say but “wow”! Did I mention “WOW”!? Ya, it was that good. And a huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped me organize this past Summer tour because I couldn’t have done it without you. I mean, 24 shows in 29 days. (That’s not a lot of time for rest and relaxation.) I went through 6 different States and a one-stop surprise show in Mexico. (Yes, that was my first time in Mexico) Te amo México! The fans were amazing. The response was incredible. I sold out of all my CDs before even reaching my last State. But that’s ok because I made up for it in the long run. I got to see old friends. Meet new ones. Hang out with family. Reestablish old bonds. So many fond memories. I grossed over $10,000 in just 29 days. Not bad in my books. (I’m not normally this open with numbers but I think it’s important that other musicians can see the potential for touring). And all of this as a solo act. Imagine what we could do if I added more musicians to the roster.

Which I guess my next goal…