To Introduce or Not To Introduce…

So, I have this gig this Thursday at a local Victoria restaurant called Bubby’s Kitchen. I wasn’t clear if I was playing as the “main act” or just an “ipod in the background” style musician. So, I thought I’d email the owner. Here’s what he said:

“Generally people play at a volume where people can still talk and hear one another.”

To me, that meant that I’m the background guy. Ok cool. Now I know where to come from as a performer and what to deliver. Then the next question came to mind: “Should I have someone introduce me or not?”

This is a low paying gig and I’m not being featured as the main act at the venue. And for me, it’s really easy to slack off and not put in any extra energy to make an impression. But dammit, I’m a father now and that means those cute little innocent eyes are always glaring up at me from my son. Which means…I’m accountable. Simply translated: Don’t slack off. And do everything with excellence.

Whether or not I’m the main act or just a background dude, an introduction letting people know who I am, where I come from and what I’m all about is the extra bit of spice that can really make a difference in a gig. Even when you don’t think the gig is all that important. What’s important is that everything I do IS important.


If you have a strong opinion about me and my little rants and want to critique my every musing feel free to comment below.
P.S. Oh and click here to check out the details for my wee little gig. It’s FREE!!! You cheap bastards.


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