My Grandfather Died Today…

Isn’t it interesting how you can barely know someone at all and yet, despite that, you can still have a profound connection to them. Well, that was my relationship to my grandfather.

We used to call him “Abuelo” (Spanish for “Grandfather”). The reason is that my folks used to live in Argentina before I was born. My mom was pregnant with me. And my brother and sister, both alive and older than me, were already speaking Spanish as their first language.

A difficult pregnancy caused my parents to return to the US. Abuelo, a doctor in a small town in Arkansas, quite unexpectedly delivered me by an emergency C section, when complications with my delivery set in. He later said he thought I and my mom would have died in Argentina.  Sure enough, my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and was choking me.

As we grew up we would visit my Abuelo and Abuela for the holidays. I remember he loved to cook and would whistle while he hatched his gourmet concoctions in the kitchen. I also remember how much he loved sports. You could always catch him after dinner sitting in front of the TV to watch football.

At dinner table there were only two acceptable subjects: Sports and the weather. Needless to say I wasn’t interested in either of them. And with the limited selection of topics to talk about combined with the infrequency of visits I think that contributed to me not really knowing him all that well. And yet, I was surprised how, when I found out he passed away 3 years ago today, I was so filled with grief and sadness that I was moved to tears.

So, as a farewell gift to him to send him on his way I wrote this song. I hope you enjoy it. It certainly captures the love I had for him and the connection we both had.