Being a “Spiritual Guide” Dad + a hint to my next show

Being a dad at first was a “had to”.

Then being a dad became “how to keep my son alive”.

Soon being a dad morphed into “I must provide!” so that my son could have the coolest toys.

Problem is that all of this turned me into a “workaholic dad” and I wasn’t very happy with myself or even with my son.

Now, I’m in a new mode. A “what’s the best education and training for my son?” kind of dad.

And sure, I can spend a whole whopping load of time on finding the best school in town and host a report-card-showing-off-contest with my parent peers to show off my kid’s latest A’s. But to me, I just don’t see how that will raise a good kid.

I’ve spent over 30 years in music and one thing is for sure, I can learn 3 chords and write a song. Or I can know why and how those 3 chords make a song. There’s a difference.

And to me, being a human just ain’t about doing shit just to say that you’ve done shit. It’s about something profoundly deeper than that.

So, now I like to think of myself more of a “how can I guide my son’s spiritual development into a moral reality with rich virtues” kind of dad. (I’ll shorten it to read a “Spiritual Guide” Dad.)

Because in the end, I can teach my kid math and science, sports and the arts. And those are just fine. But if I don’t give him a spiritual and moral foundation then he’ll actually turn out to be more of an ass than an asset.

When I was asked to perform for Father’s Day on the 19th it got me thinking about all this Dad stuff. This will be my 5th year performing and the thought of being able to perform at one of my favourite and picturesque locations on the island and put on a show for other father’s well…let’s just say I’m proud to be a dad and a musician.

Watch for my next post which I’ll email out to you to give you the details on where this is. But for now, if you want to come, just put in your calendar the 19th at 5:30pm. It is a free event for you. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in a cobble area and you can drink cider!



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