152 Songs & Counting…

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Back in January I made a goal. I was going to compose, from beginning to end, 800 fully produced songs in 4 years. I’m a little behind schedule but not by much. I’m hoping to catch up by next month and have 200 songs completed by the end of this year. The challenges of balancing family life and a toddler is tricky but it’s a challenge I personally enjoy and face with gladness.

The reason I decided to write so many songs was to have a large library of music to sell to TV and Film. Basically, what happens in this scenario is that I compose a song and then I submit it to a music licensing company who then pitches it to music supervisors of TV shows or Movies who then decide if they like the song to be placed in their show or film or video game or commercial. If they do, then I getpaid and so does the music licensing company. It’s split 50/50. I know, it’s a little complex. But so far I’ve gotten a little over 30 placements that you can check out here.

But something very interesting has been happening…

In the process of writing somany songs there have been these gems sort of coming out. It’s almost as if I’ve accidentally stumbled on the mathematical solution to writing a hit song. Now, I’m not saying I’ve written hit songs but something magical is happening when you write and write and write. Something unique. It’s almost as if I’m calling upon an invisible source of great music by pushing so hard.

And those songs I’m putting aside for a better time. Those songs I’m spending a little more time on refining and sculpting. When it’s timeI’ll be sure to share it with you first thing. But for now, I’m excited to tell you about the process.

You can actually listen to all these TV and Film songs I’m working on here.

I’d love to hear what you think so feel free to leave a comment down below when you have a second.

Ok, now back to writing. 🙂