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Eric Harper creates a style that is not only all his own, but his music is melodically entrancing, virtuosically ferocious and harmonically soul-stirring to the core. 

Hatched in a small “po-dunk” town in Arkansas, incubated for a time in Portugal, witnessed a group of Gypsies clapping feverishly in Spain, and currently camping out amongst the Canucks in Canada, Eric brings a fusion of music never experienced before from a “redneck”.

Eric has performed all around the globe from Portugal to China, Canada to Mexico, Switzerland to Israel and many more countries.













Ya, I’ve won awards. But who really cares about awards if you can’t move someone’s heart. To me, that’s the REAL reward. But if you still want to know which pointless awards I’ve won then feel free to waste your time clicking below.



I want to write a song that will make you remember. When you walk out of the concert hall, or a café, I want your heart so moved that you’re still tapping your hands on the steering wheel of your car until you get home and you have no other choice but to share that music with someone close. 



From time to time I write the occasional film score. And when I do I love how music enhances the visual experience. I love the relationship between the notes in my ear with the action on the screen. To me, it’s almost as if the film isn’t truly alive until the music is brought in.

What Makes A Great Musician Great?

Doing what you love and spreading that love to everyone you come in contact with. It doesn’t really matter if you’re on stage or in the studio or simply chatting with some stranger on the plane to your next destination. The love you feel is affected everywhere. Whether I’m at home or in a my favourite café, with my son or traveling abroad, the music, the love is always in my head and in my heart. Don’t be stingy with your love. Let it flow and you will always attract people and situations that bring you what you put out in return. That, good sirs and madams, is what I think makes a great musician great.  


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The Very Best of Eric Harper

I know, I know. I got a “Best Of” album.

And there you were sitting at your computer, staring at your screen, thinking you ain’t never even heard of me. Let alone I go and get me a “Best Of”.


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